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Puyang Longfeng Paper Co.,Ltd.

Puyang Longfeng Paper Co.,Ltd.


Puyang Longfeng Paper Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Puyang Longfeng Paper Co Ltd is a company limited by shares with Henan Investment Group Corporation as its holding company It was founded in August 2003 with a registered captial of RMB563 06 millions and employees 800 In May 2003 Puyang forest paper integral project has been confirmed as one of the top ten forest paper projects to be established during the Tenth Five year Plan period by the National Development Reform Commission and it plans to introduce cottonwood chemi mechanical pulp with an annual output of 100 000 ton high grade printing paper with an output of 500 000 ton per year Moreover the 100 000 tone per year cottonwood chemi mechanical pulp has already been put into operation...

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White Offset Paper

Ivory Paper

Writing Paper

Woodfree Offset Paper

Bond Paper

Roll Paper

Sheet Paper

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